WP Group Help with New Bond Film Spectre

 22nd Jul 2015

The newest trailer for James Bond Spectre was released this morning and it looks absolutely brilliant.

Everyone at WP can’t wait to see it, but it’s not because of the high octane action of Daniel Craig as the 13th James Bond nor any of the four ‘bond girls’. It is, of course, the sexy Mobil oil barrels which are featured in the film.

WP were contacted by the Assistant Set Decorator for the new Bond film, Spectre, who was sourcing empty oil drums to be used in the film. WP was, of course, more than willing to help.

WP Group’s Mobil Service Centre team sourced ten, 208 litre drums for the film which were delivered directly to Pinewood Studios. So when you go to watch the film keep an eye out for any oil drums, chances are they will have been provided by WP Group!